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February 12th Report

Hello everyone!

Ice conditions are holding around 18-20 inches in most areas of the lake. We did get some snow within the last few days, but we are only seeing about 3-4 inches on top of the ice. Today is a little on the cold side, but we will be seeing some warmer temps coming the next few days. Perch and Walleyes are both being targeted in 15-40 foot of water. Every part of the lake fishes differently. Drill holes in all depths to find where the fish are schooling. Every day has been different.

Buckshots, tungstens, and jigging raps are still the favorite presentations being used on the lake when fishing for both perch and walleyes. Never hurts to have a dead stick in the water in hopes to keep the attention of schooling fish. Minnows heads and wax worms are still the bait being used to tip lures. Full minnows on a single hook work well for a dead stick under a bobber.

Pike are being caught on the west end of pelican and walfords bay. Tip Ups are being rigged with full minnows, smelt, or sardines. Large jigging raps and buckshots are good lure choices to use when targeting pike.

Stay Warm! Be Safe! Have fun!


Courtesy of Woodland Resort


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