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Fall is Here!


Fall is here in the Devils Lake Area! The fishing continues to be good on the big lake. We are seeing a lot of people catching walleyes and some good size walleyes at that. The fish are starting to transition into their fall –prewinter pattern. Fish are still being caught shallow but the main areas to focus on this time of the year are the many submerged rock piles that are found throughout our lake system. The many bridges around the lake are also starting to produce walleyes. When fishing the submerged rocks focus on either trolling or vertical jigging. If you are looking to fish the bridges, focus on the vertical jigging. A good tactic for vertical jigging is rigging up a 1/4oz jig tipped with a minnow or throwing on a blade bait type of lure. Jiggin’ raps work well when vertical jigging for walleyes in the fall. Patience is the key this time of the year.

Don’t forget that the waterfowl season will be opening on Saturday October 1st! Looking for a unique fall vacation, come try your luck on a North Dakota “Blast and Cast” Adventure. There are not many places where you can go waterfowl hunting in the morning and walleye fishing in the afternoon! Also, it’s not too early to start planning your ice fishing adventure to Devils Lake!

Good luck to everyone that is coming up duck hunting and fishing in the next few weeks! Don’t forget to share your photos with us on our Visit, Devils Lake North Dakota Facebook Page.

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