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Extremely Windy Weather

This past week we have had considerably tougher fishing.  Not to make excuses but the weather has been extremely windy (gusts to 45) or extremely calm.  In the walleye world extreme calm is our worst enemy.  Not only does it make for a tougher bite but the larger fish seem to get lock jaw and the schools of fish seem to scatter.  A walleye chop always seems to be a catalyst for producing good fishing.  Not only does it ignite the food chain on a shoreline but it gives fish a reason to congregate in a spot making them more aggressive and easier for us to locate.

So what does all this mean?  It means our fishing this past week was a lot tougher.  Most of our guests still left with their limits of fish but they had to settle for fish that ran in that 14 to 15 inch range without many kicker fish that are over 17 inches.  It is amazing how a couple of 17 to 20 inch walleyes will make a catch look so much more impressive.  There is nothing wrong with keeping some 14 to 15 inch walleyes, infact they are the best tasting fish in all of Devils Lake and you will not leave with a limit unless you keep some of them even when the fishing is at its best.

We are still catching most of our fish along weed beds trolling bottom bouncers with spinners and crawlers.  We have also tried trolling crank baits on lead chore but have not had a lot of success yet.  Most of these fish that we did catch were on the small side.  We did catch some larger northern pike though. 

Plenty of good fishing ahead of us, we just need the winds to pick up enough to give us some walleye chop.

Have a great week of fishing and we hope to see you on the water!

Courtesy of Woodland Resort & Mitchell’s Guide Service.

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