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Even with the up and down weather the fish have cooperated

The bite has been very good! Seems like the weather has either been flat calm or very windy. Even with the up and down weather the fish have cooperated and we have had some great catches. We are seeing a bit of a transition with the fish. There are still fish out deeper (14-25ft) of water; however, we are seeing a lot more fish in the shallows. Pitching cranks and jigs/plastics into the shallows is a great way to cover some water and find that active school of fish. Some other good fall patterns include current areas near the bridges and whatever weed beds that you can find. As the weeds die off look for flooded roads and rock piles to heat up. As the water continues to cool down more and more fish will go back into the shallows. Seems like most days we are still catching a lot of eater size walleyes and we usually have some nicer ones mixed in as well. Nicer fish should continue to bite better and better as fall continues. If you enjoy hunting and still want to have some great fall fishing, give us a call and we will get you out! With the duck and goose opener coming this weekend, there are lots of options to keep a guy or gal busy. Nothing better than hunting ducks and geese in the morning and going out for a afternoon of fishing. We have half day packages that work out great for this. Good luck to all!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service.

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