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Early morning bite and the right before dark bite hot!

Happy Holidays Everybody!!!  Sorry for the delayed report.  Things have been CRAZY BUSY around here.  The past 10 days the perch fishing has been very good.  Today, however, not so good.  This 20 below zero cold front we enjoyed over Christmas did not do us any favors today.  A severe case of “Lock-Jaw” seems to have developed at least for today anyway.  On the bright side of things, our day was salvaged by limits of walleyes caught by our guests before dark.  There was also a fair number of northern pike caught as well.

We are still catching our perch in fairly deep water using buckshot rattle spoons tipped with minnow heads and #8 Genz worms tipped with maggots.  The walleyes we caught today were in anywhere from 14 feet to 22 feet of water.  The early morning bite and the right before dark bite was the two hottest times that produced the most fish today.

The ice conditions on Devils Lake are improving big time!  We are finding 14 to 15 inches pretty much every where now.  Today was the first day we drove our trucks.  It sure felt good to park those ATV’s in the garage!  If you are venturing on your own, please use caution around cracks and pressure ridges.

All of our guides are in full swing.  We are hitting many areas of the lake at once, so our list of “hot spots” will continue to grow on a daily basis.  The schedule is jammed packed with guests and we are going to be very busy for the unforeseeable future.  We do still have some openings available in the next two weeks but they are getting more challenging to find.  It is a long season though and we still have plenty of room in February and March.

Have a great week Everybody and have a safe and Happy New Years as well.

Courtesy of Perch Patrol Guide Service

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