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Doing a lot of bottom bouncing…

Careful what you wish for!!!  Last week we experienced flat calm conditions and we talked about how that made for tougher fishing.  Well the wind started blowing last Sunday and it hasn’t quit blowing.  The only problem is the winds have been so fierce that we have been extremely limited all week as to where we could fish.  Now for the good news…The fishing has been spectacular!!!  Through all the winds, through all the changing wind directions, and through all the major cold fronts, we have not only caught limits of walleyes but limits of nice walleyes.  Yes folks the walleyes are starting to emerge into their fall patterns.  Some of the same spots that were very good the last couple of falls have come alive with 17 to 20 inch walleyes.

We have still been doing a lot of bottom bouncing and we are starting to have more success trolling number 5 Salmo Hornets and jointed shad raps.  With all the winds we have not been able to go from spot to spot but rather had to stick it out in the one spot the wind allows us to fish.  Thank God the walleyes have been cooperative.

We just want everyone that is on our upcoming schedule this fall to PLEASE BRING WARM CLOTHES!  We want you to be comfortable out there and it is fall which means change of seasons.  The fall fishing promises to be incredible and we do not want to see your trip ruined because someone isn’t dressed properly.

The rest of the September looks very busy and October is starting to fill in quite nicely as well.  If you are planning a fall fishing trip you will not find much better walleye fishing that Mitchell’s Guide Service will help you experience on Devils Lake the next six weeks.  If you are planning to come to Devils Lake on a hunting trip remember Mitchell’s Guide Service offers 1/2 day fishing adventures in the afternoons after your hunt.

Have a Great Week Everybody!

Courtesy of Woodland Resort & Mitchell’s Guide Service.

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