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Devils Run Housing at LRSC OPEN


Room Charges will be $50 per night for single or double occupancy, $55 per night for triple occupancy and $60 per night for quad occupancy.   We do not allow over 4 people per room.  There is a cancellation fee of $10 to cover processing costs.

These are College Residence Halls so they will not have all the amenities of a hotel room.  The following is a list of what is available in these rooms and the hall:

  • 2 Twin Beds per room with 2 desks and 2 closets (NO AIR CONDITIONING) you may want to bring a fan.
  • Linen, pillows, towels are provided with the room.
  • Community Baths with doors/curtains on shower stalls.  Men will have access to one Bathroom and Women the other Bathroom.
  • Health and Fitness workout room in the front of the hall just off the Lounge and Kitchenette
  • Local Telephone access is available, Televisions are located in the main lounges.  A Kitchenette is available with microwave and pizza cooker.
  • No Alcohol is allowed on the Premises by North Dakota State Law.  Violators are evicted.  We are Tobacco Free buildings and Grounds!

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