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Devils Lake Tourism and TrainND Northeast Sponsor Catching Service Excellence Customer Service Training

Devils Lake, ND – Devils Lake Tourism has teamed up with TrainND Northeast from Lake Region State College to sponsor, Catching Service Excellence.

Catching Service Excellence is a customized, online customer service training that takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on the learner.

“Everyone knows excellent customer service is critical for a business to succeed. It is vital for Devils Lake to be known as customer friendly. The businesses in Devils Lake, and all North Dakota, have a shortage of skilled workers and a high turnover rate.” said Suzie Kenner, director of Devils Lake Tourism. “We are all in the same boat – doing more with less staff!”

Kenner continues, “We know it’s hard to send all of your staff to a training out of the business, even if it’s only for a few hours. Plus, with the high turnover rate, business owners are hesitant to train someone who might quit the next day. That is why we teamed up with TrainND Northeast to provide effective, on-demand training that is available to everyone.”

What you’ll learn:
1. Who is your competition
2. How to make a good first impression
3. Building customer rapport
4. How to handle an upset customer
5. What is there to see and do in Devils Lake?

For participating, businesses could win $200 in Devils Lake Chamber credit. Drawings are quarterly. Participants will be receive a certificate of completion at the end of training.

“Our hope is that businesses will use this tool to train their existing staff, and then utilize the video on the start date of an employee. Once their paperwork has been completed and before they hit one-on-one training in their new position, we hope that the businesses will take the short amount of time that’s needed to have their staff sit down and watch this interactive video to become more aware of what Devils Lake has to offer as well as training on customer service techniques” stated Kenner.

To access the training, go to www.devilslakend.com and click on the Tourism tab or click here.


Catch it all in Devils Lake!

For more information call Suzie Kenner.
Suzie Kenner can be reached at suzie@devilslakend.com or 701.662.4903 for questions or comments.

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