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Devils Lake Report

Had a couple days off last week but was able to fish 5 days and the fishing was very good for perch. We would find the large schools and just target them till late afternoon then go after walleyes. We had a group from Iowa for 3 days and caught over 140 Jumbo Perch along with 20 nice walleyes. The weather really didn’t bother us because the days were spent outside and the temps were in the 30’s. I got some sample jigs from NW METRO TACKLE called grubbies. Danny also sent other jigs along with the grubbies. The glow on his jigs are the brightest and longest lasting glow that I have ever used. We would put a small minnow hooked thru the back near the dorsal fin, being careful not to paralize them with a small split-shot down the hole about 8-12″ off the bottom and the fish would go crazy to inhale it. I tried other jigs and they just did not work but, Danny’s worked awesome. I would suggest you take a look at his products and give them a try. The week ahead looks good for temps and fishing so, give us a call and reserve your guided trip with us. Till next time <))))))>< John

Courtesy of  Big John’s Guide Service

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