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Devils Lake Fishing Report for May 30th, 2014

Finding the warmer dirtier water has been the key to better walleye fishing according to John Adams of Big John’s Guide Service.  Big John recommends anglers concentrate on the shallower small bays around the lake that warm up quickly during the day.  Some of the better areas for anglers to concentrate on include the northern areas of Pelican Lake; the smaller bays around the flats such as Golden Pond, Howards Bay, Hog Bay, Holy Bay, and the shallow back bay across from the Grahams Island ramp; the north end of Six Mile Bay; New Mill Bay, Knudson’s Bay, and Ft. Totten Bay off the Main Lake; Mission Bay; the storm sewer area, Penny Bay, New Penny Bay, and Haybale Bay in East Bay; the smaller bays towards the south of Black Tiger Bay; Browns Bay in East Devils lake, and the moving water bridge areas around the lake.  In these shallow bays work the windy side that tends to have the warmer water blown into it.  Temperature is key this time of year and the warmest water has the best fishing.  Try pitching cranks such as #5 or #7 shad raps, salmo hornets, #7 or #9 countdowns, esko’s, or jigs with plastics.  Firetiger, perch, silver blue, hot steel, and silver black are some of the more popular crank colors this time of year.  For jigs or plastics, chartreuse, blue, red, purple, and white all work well at times.  Around the bridge areas, jigs tipped with leeches, crawlers, or minnows work well as do slip bobbers fished close to the bottom.  In all the areas mentioned, anglers can expect to find LOTS of pike, groups of walleyes, and scattered schools of white bass.  For you shore fisherman, Devils Lake has miles and miles of great fishing along it’s rip rapped highways and moving water bridge areas.  The bridges of the Mauvee, Six Mile Bay, Hwy 57, Hwy 20, and the Woods Rutten road are all popular areas that consistently produce fish.  The best bite for shore fisherman tends to be the early morning and especially the evening hours just before dark.  Jigs or Lindy rigs tipped with minnows, leeches, or crawlers all work well for both pike and walleyes in these areas.  For you white bass fisherman, look for windy rocky shorelines and work firetiger or blue/silver cranks or jigs in white or chartreuse tipped with minnows.   And when you’re done fishing or need to take a break, swing into Devils Lake and take in the Annual Devils Run Car Show that’s going on this weekend.  We wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great weekend here in Devils Lake!

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