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Devils Lake Fishing Report for June 27th 2013

Fishing on Devils Lake continues to be nothing short of excellent with anglers doing well on all three major species; walleye, pike, and white bass.  Shore fishermen continue to do well fishing the moving water bridge areas around the lake as well as the Mauvee Coulee and Channel A.  These anglers are catching fish throughout the day but report the evening walleye bite just before dark is fabulous with most fish being a bit bigger than last year.  This being the result of some excellent spawning results with Devils Lake’s high waters.  In addition to the moving water areas on the lake, anglers working the windy side of rip rapped roadways are reporting excellent success as well.  For pike and walleyes, most shore fishermen are using lindy rigs, slip bobbers, or jigs tipped with leeches, crawlers, or minnows with leeches being the bait of choice.  Anglers are also doing well on plastics such as mimic minnows as well as cranks.  As for boaters, local guide Johnny Candle says it’s almost impossible to not catch walleyes right now with most fish still in the shallower bays and in water under 18 feet deep.  Johnny says to target the outer edges of weedbeds in that 8-10ft depth or work little pockets right up in the shallows.  With the better bite still in shallower water, target the smaller bays rather than the larger more open areas.  Pelican Lake, Howards Bay, Holy Bay, New Mill, Knudson’s, Penny Bay, the south end of Black Tiger, and Browns Bay have all been producing a lot of nice pike, walleyes, and white bass.  Anglers are reporting the lake is clear for this time of year and getting right up to the weed edges or working the windswept shorelines can make a world of difference.  In these areas anglers are using most all methods of fishing right now.  Try casting cranks or jigs into the shallows, working the outer edges of weedbeds with slip bobbers, jigs, or cranks.  Some of the hot cranks continue to be #5 or #7 Rapala shad raps, Berkley flicker shads, esko’s, countdown, and hornets.  Typically blue/silver, firetiger, black/silver, and perch are the go to colors, but Johnny says this year it seems almost every color is working.  Good Luck and we hope you have a safe and enjoyable time here in the Lake Region.