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Devils Lake Fishing Report for June 13th, 2013

Local guides and fisherman say Devils Lake is on fire right now for both shore fishing and boaters.  Jason Feldner with Perch Eyes Guide Service says shore fishing is especially hot from 9:30-10:30 in the evenings.  For boaters he recommends shallow, really shallow.  Under 4 feet.  Jason says he’s been keeping his boat in around 6 feet of water and casting into the shorelines with shallow running cranks like #5 Lindy Shadlings.  He also says don’t be afraid to work deeper areas such as humps and points with bottom bouncers and spinners.

Some of the better shorefishing spots this time of year continue to be the coulees that run into the lake such as the Mauvee and Channel A and the moving water bridges.  But with the miles and miles of rip rapped shorelines available, these are also great areas to fish.  These areas are can be found east of town along Hwy 2, the Woods Rutten bridge area, Hwy 57 bridge area, Hwy 20 bridge area, the south end of Black Tiger Bay off Hwy 20, and the areas from Six Mile Bay to the Hwy 19/281 intersection are all great places to try.  In addition to the walleye and pike bite that’s been great lately, anglers are also now reporting an excellent white bass bite.  As Jason mentioned, the evening hours tend to be the best for walleyes, but pike and white bass and walleyes can be caught throughout the day.  The windy side is always the best.  For shorefisherman, try lindy rigs, jigs, or slip bobbers tipped with leeches, crawlers, or minnows.  Or try pitching jigs tipped with twister tails or premade plastic jigs such as mimic minnows.  Chartruese green, chartruese yellow, blue, white, and pink all are great colors to try.

For you boaters, as Jason mentioned fish shallow.  The shallow bays of the Flats, Pelican, the north end of Six Mile Bay, Old Mill and New Mill Bays, Knudson’s Bay, Penny Bay, the shallow bays of Black Tiger Bay, and Browns Bay (especially good right now) are all producing good catches of walleyes, pike, and white bass.  Cranks such as lindy shadlings, rapala shad raps, eskos, and countdowns, salmo hornets in perch, white, firetiger, blue/silver, and black/silver have all been working well.  Anglers are also pitching jigs tipped with plastic tails and/or leeches; slip bobbering the shorelines or humps and points; or running bottom bouncers with spinners both shallow and out a bit deeper.  Jason indicates his guides are finding the biggest fish are shallower right now.  As temps warm up these fish will tend to go a bit deeper, but the late spring still has a lot of fish really shallow at this point.

This weekend the Spirit Lake Marina is hosting their annual Spirit Lake Marina Walleye Classic Tournament.  Stop out and watch some of your favorite anglers bring in their daily catches and maybe share some of their secrets.  For those looking for guides or places to stay, visit our listing of members here on www.devilslakend.com.  Good Luck and we hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to our area.

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