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Devils Lake Fishing Report for 8/29/2013

Devils Lake Tourism and Chamber staff would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.  For those of you here to enjoy the awesome fishing Devils Lake has to offer, the reports continue to be excellent with anglers catching fish in most all parts of the lake and just about any way you like to fish be it slip bobbering, pitching cranks, trolling cranks, jigging, or running bottom bouncers with spinners.  In Pelican Lake anglers are reporting a little better sized fish, but not the large numbers they’re catching elsewhere around the lake.  In Pelican anglers are pitching cranks or jigs with plastic into openings and along the edges of well defined weedbeds or windswept shorelines;  running bottom bouncers with spinners along the edges of weedbeds anywhere from 8ft on out to 18ft of water; or trolling cranks along those same weedbeds or the old shorelines of the original Pelican Lake.  In the Flats, anglers are trolling cranks along sunken points or the Golden Highway; pitching cranks or jigs into weedbeds and windswept shorelines; slip bobbering the edges of sunken trees, old points, or sunken islands such a Haley’s Hump, Patience Point, or Maddock Ridge; trolling bottom bouncers with spinners about anywhere.  Some of the better Flats spots have been Howards Bay, Haley’s Hump, the north shore of Grahams Island, Holy Bay, the north shore near West Bay Resort, and Patience Point.  Six Mile Bay’s producing fish in similar patterns in the Doc Hagen’s area, around the old cut off towers, and the north end of Six Mile Bay.  Anglers fishing the Main Lake are catching a lot of smaller and eating sized fish in the 24-30 foot depths in front of Camp Grafton, and the entire shoreline along Hwy 57 from Camp all the way to Ft. Totten and over to the Towers.  Trolling cranks such as salmo hornets, Berkley flicker shads, and jointed shad raps or bottom bouncers and spinners tipped with crawlers or powerbait has been working great. Another area to try is the north end of Creel Bay where fish are being found at most all depths.  In East Bay and Black Tiger Bay anglers are fishing similar to other areas working sunken points and weedbed areas such as Stromme Addition, the storm sewer area, Penny Bay, Foughtys Point, Birkland’s Point, Black Tiger Point, and the old shorelines and weedbed edges in the south end of Black Tiger.  In East Devils Lake, Browns Bay and the outlet area continue to produce fish as does the very south end.  Different from the past few years anglers are also reporting to catch some nice perch in with their walleye and pike catches with some anglers actually targeting those perch.  Those that have been are reporting some nice perch catches.  Most anglers are catching them in the 24-28ft depths of the old original shoreline, but some are also catching them shallower and much deeper.  For those targeting them, a good way to find them is to use your electronics and look for small groups of fish in deeper water and then slip bobber or troll spinners for them.  Another way to find them is trolling with bottom bouncers and spinners and paying attention to when you get those little “machine gun” style bites. When you do catch some continue to work those areas.  Rainbow, gold, and firetiger spinners on a crawler harness with only a half of a crawler works great.  Use a whole crawler and they’ll rob you blind, but a half crawler with the second hook near or coming out of the end of the crawler and your odds will increase substantially.  Some areas to try are those similar to good winter areas.  Six Mile Bay, Howards Bay, Creel Bay, in front of Camp Grafton, the Casino area, Black Tiger Bay, and East Devils Lake.  White bass fishing has been  a bit spotty.  When you find them they’re big and a lot of fun to catch.  Look for windy areas where bait fish will tend to get blown up into the shoreline and pitch jigs with minnows or smaller cranks in firetiger, perch, or silver/blue.  For you shore fisherman, Devils Lake has miles and miles of rip rapped shorelines along the highways with plenty of room for parking.  Shore fisherman continue to report a good early morning bite for walleyes and pike and a great evening bite just before dark.  Jigs or Lindy rigs tipped with leeches, crawlers, or minnows all work well.  Some of the better areas continue to be the bridges around the lake, the area along Hwy 19 west of West Bay Resort, the Grahams Island road, Hwy 57, and the Woods Rutten road.  After your catch, Devils Lake has public outdoor cleaning stations located at Grahams Island, Six Mile Bay boat ramp, Henniger boat ramp at the north end of Creel Bay, and Lakewood on Creel Bay.  And new this year is a new air conditioned double table indoor cleaning station next to Eds Bait Shop.  Good Luck and Good Fishing!!!

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