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Devils Lake continues to produce

Many of our clients have been commenting on the fishing here in Devils Lake. Seems like there are some common phrases being said about the fishing: “That’s the most fish I’ve ever caught”, “That is the biggest fish I have ever caught” and “I’m coming back!”. I guess that the our clients can tell the story the best. Many lakes really die off in late summer but Devils Lake continues to produce. I think that the biggest factor for fishing Devils Lake this time of year is mobility. The fish can be anywhere and it is a big lake, so keep an open mind and cover some water. Live bait rigs such as bottom bouncers and spinners are deadly. Work the 8-18 feet of water and you should find fish. There are days that you have to work through some “up and comers.” but it seems like the live well is always impressive when we get back to shore. Weeds, points, flooded roads, rock piles, and just about any other kind of structure can and will hold fish. Work and move until you find them and life should be good.
Make sure to release the smaller fish properly as well. They are little this year but next year they will be better and they can’t grow to be 20 inchers if they die when they are 12 inchers. The only reason that I am mentioning this is that sometimes people will handle smaller fish poorly and the bottom line is that they are the future of our lake. I am happy to see them!  Take care and good luck!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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