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Devils Lake Action

Shallow is the word on Devils Lake, ND!!

One constant with Devils Lake is change, seems the lake is either going up a few feet or down a few, depending on the year. Traditional “hot spots” might be located in different areas as the lake is down over three feet from last year. There are still plenty of places to catch them, but it is important to find the following:

-warm water, the warmer the better, we have water in the low to mid 50’s in places, with some areas in the low 60’s.

-the right color of water, if it is crystal clear you will have a difficult time catching fish as they tend to spoke from the boat easier.

-flooded catails, trees, rocks, etc. this looks much different from last year because many of the catails are out of the water. Without cover, you are not going to find the numbers of fish you want!

-fish the longest shallowest bays you can find, these are always the warmest!

Remember that shore fishing is often fantastic this time of year as well, try to fish the afternoons and evenings.

Pike are every cast in places, so make sure to bring leaders and some tape for your fingers!

Jig/ plastic combos have produced the best results!

Good luck to all!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

Bry's 5-19-16

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