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Devils Lake 5/23/13 Fishing Report

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, the Devils Lake Chamber, Tourism, businesses, and community would like to welcome all visitors as we wish you an enjoyable and safe holiday!  For those of you here to experience some of the great fishing Devils Lake has to offer you’ve come at what’s typically one of the best times of the year.  A cold late spring has put things behind a bit, but that still means some excellent fishing should be in store.  For you shore fisherman, the moving water coulee areas continue to offer some of their best fishing.  Both pike and walleyes can be found in most all the coulees and streams flowing into Devils Lake.  Some of the best and most popular spots are the bridges along the Mauvee Coulee both north of Lake Alice and south of Lake Irvin; the coulees that feed into Dry Lake from the Garske area; and Channel A.  While pike can usually be caught all day long, the best time for walleye fishing is in the early morning hours, during the peak temperature time of the day, and right at dusk.  Moving water and warmer water are the two keys to finding the best fishing this time of year.   For you boaters, moving water and warmer water are your keys as well.  The north end of Pelican Lake near where the Mauvee Coulee comes in, the north end of Six Mile Bay near Channel A, the moving water bridge areas, and any of the shallower bays that warm up quickly during the day are the best areas to find more active fish.  For walleyes, both shore fisherman and boaters are doing best using jigs, slip bobbers, or lindy rigs tipped with minnows or leeches, jigs with twister tails (white, chartreuse, pink, and blue are great colors to try), or cranks such as shad raps, countdowns, flicker shad, and eskos.  Perch, silver/blue, silver black, white, and firetiger all work well.  For pike, smelt or herring fished below bobbers or on the bottom as well as any of the prior methods for walleyes all work well.  As for you white bass fisherman, Jon Dircks with Eds Bait Shop says there hasn’t been much action yet as water temps are still in the high 40’s to low 50’s.  Jon figures that as temps approach that 55 degree mark, they should start their spawn run and action should pick up.  That could happen any day now.   Chartruese jigs tipped with a minnow or cranks in firetiger or blue/silver  always work great.

After your great fishing excursion when it comes time to clean that catch, check out Devils Lake’s new year around indoor fish cleaning facility located next to Eds Bait Shop just south of town on Hwy 20/57.  The facility is heated and air conditioned, has plenty of parking, and lots of room to handle numerous fisherman at once.

Good Luck and we hope you have a GREAT Memorial Weekend!

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