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Deer Lottery Held, Antlerless Licenses Remain

North Dakota’s deer gun lottery has been held and individual results are available online at the State Game and Fish Department’s website, gf.nd.gov.
More than 5,800 antlerless deer gun licenses remain. Only resident applicants who were unsuccessful in the first lottery can apply.
An option to apply online will be available July 23. Paper applications will be mailed to individuals in late July. The deadline for applying is Aug. 22.

Remaining Deer Gun Licenses
(B = Any Antlerless D = Antlerless Whitetail)

Unit Type Available Unit Type Available
2D B 381 3E1 D 273
2F1 B 215 3E2 B 75
2K2 B 883 3E2 D 276
2L B 507 3F1 B 342
3A2 B 421 3F1 D 523
3B3 D 205 3F2 B 423
3C D 290 3F2 D 662
3D1 D 22 4F D 331

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