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December 29th Report!

Happy Holidays everybody!  Well, the Perch Patrol got what we wanted for Christmas and that was some sunshine!  After 3 straight weeks of foggy, cloudy, and down right gloomy weather, mother nature has given us some sunshine days and has it ever improved the perch fishing!  We are no where near the def-con 4 levels that were happening last year, but the perch fishing has been pretty decent as of late.  We are still having our best luck with the northland buckshot rattle spoon and the Clam Speed spoon tipped with either a minnow head or a couple of wax worms.  We have also been playing with some tungsten jigs loaded with waxies and have been enjoying some success with it as well.

The walleye fishing has been fairly good but some of the before dark bites seem to be better towards mid afternoon instead of right before dark.  Weird?  Just when you think you know all you needed to them darn walleyes throw you a curve-ball.  Our biggest theory is proving right however and that is the sunny days are better for the perch and the cloudy days are better for the walleyes.  SO, a little hint to all of our near future guests…come with an open mind and expect the unexpected!

We are very happy to report that we are now driving our trucks and does it ever feel good.  So nice to have all the gear right in your vehicle instead of having to load and unload all the time like we have to on our ATV’s.  The ice is slowly getting thicker.  We are finding 12 to 16 inches most places now and have even measured some 18 inch ice.  Today was cold and at night we are hitting lows of -18 below zero so we will easily be making more ice the next few days.

If you have been trying to get a hold of us to make a reservation, I apologize.  With the holidays going on and some of the places we have been fishing there is not a lot of cellular service so it has been hard to talk on the phone much without experiencing dropped calls.  Plus we are in the full swing of guiding everyday now so the days are long and the evenings are short.   It is hard to get everyone called back even though you leave a message.  We don’t have a lot of room left on our schedule for this season.  We have a few single days in February and March and we don’t have any two or three days in a row for package trips until after March 20th.  Best advice to you is to study our availability calender on this website and if you see a day that will work for you give us a call and we will get you scheduled in.

Now I need to touch on a not so fun subject…We have had some groups show up with less people in their groups than they had originally reserved.  This cannot happen and will no longer be tolerated.  We are virtually sold out every day and in good faith have held up our end of the deal by holding all the spots that your party reserved.  It is only fair that our clientele base do the same for us.  As much fun as we try to provide, this is a business and some of our staff travels quite a ways to get here on time every morning with a smile and is fully prepared to take your group fishing.  Not to mention the number of phone calls we continue to take on a daily basis turning groups down because we are full.  So, please if your group is downsized or someone cannot make, let us know in advance so we can fill these spots with guests that are willing to make the commitment to show up and fish with us.  You are responsible for full payment for the number of spots reserved.  No Exceptions!

There, rant over with!  Ice is growing, fish are snapping, life is good!  Have a Happy New Year Everybody!

Courtesy of The Perch Patrol

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