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December 21st!

Travel on the main lake is still not advised if you are using a truck, atv and snowmobile is ok with only 11-14″ of ice out there is not a place for my truck!!!! I kicked off the guiding last Sunday and we caught a few perch. Day 2 and 3 yielded 13 walleyes 2 pike and a couple of perch and 2 nice crappies. Day 4 we got 7 more walleys a couple perch and 4 pike.The perch bite remains the mystery…where are they???? Other fisherman and guides are asking the same questions. I have a few thoughts…. 1. The ice is only 11-17 inches which is limiting our run and gun approach. 2. The weeds have not died off yet thus keeping the perch and the baitfish in those weeds instead of having to search for food. 3. Little to no snow cover allowing the fish to see very well. 4. Lack of stable weather patterns and barometor is over 30. We still are able to catch walleyes in the mornings and evenings. The pike are also biting in the bays. The weather is suppose to cool down this coming week should make some ice so we can get out and try for some perch. Some of the “HOT” baits have been buckshots(From Northland) with a minnow head or full minnow, jigging raps tipped with a minnow head, grubbies (From Northwest Metro Tackle) with a whole minnow hooked behind the back dorsal fin and just using it as a dead stick, and the new ice hunter spoons from RJ Lures. I have a few days in January open, some February days, and several open dates in March. Have a safe and Merry Christmas to all!!!!!! Till Next Time…Tight Lines John

Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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