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December 15th Report!

Warm weather this past week did not allow the lake to make much ice. We are still sitting at 13-14 inches in Creel Bay, with quite a bit of light vehicle traffic. The smaller bays and lakes have a couple more inches of ice and many people driving out. The Main Bay and larger areas of the lake have around 12 inches but contain spots of inconsistent ice less than 12 inches. Pressure ridges and bridge areas have weaker ice compared to the rest of the lake so take caution around these areas.
Fishing has been hit and miss so far this year. The people drilling the most holes seem to be doing the best. Buckshot and Forged Minnows along with Jigging Raps seem to be the lures of choice in green, orange, red and gold colors. Many people fishing on Lake Irvine and Pelican as well as Six Mile Bay.

Looking forward to some cooler temperatures this week to get some more ice made. Stay safe

Courtesy of Woodland Resort

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