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Coyote Catalog Connects Landowners with Hunters, Trappers

The state Agriculture and Game and Fish departments have launched a cooperative project to connect coyote hunters and trappers with landowners who would like to reduce coyote populations in their area.

Called the “Coyote Catalog,” the project creates an online database similar to what the North Dakota Game and Fish Department has used for the past several years to match deer hunters with farmers/ranchers who wanted to reduce deer populations on their land.


  • Landowners can sign up via the North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s website at http://www.nd.gov/ndda/coyote-catalog. Required information includes county and contact information.
  • Hunters and trappers can sign up at the Game and Fish Department website at gf.nd.gov.

Landowners will receive information on hunters interested in hunting and/or trapping in their county and will need to make the initial contact with prospective hunters.

“We’re pleased to have a collaborative project such as this with the Department of Agriculture, that is meant to provide a service to match those who want to hunt or trap coyotes, and those who may have a problem with coyotes on their land,” said Game and Fish Department Director Terry Steinwand. “This type of system has worked well in getting those landowners with deer and hunters together and we believe this can work equally as well.”

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring says, “This is a critical issue for livestock producers, especially entering calving and lambing season. There is a high risk of incidence when you have a high population of coyotes. This program is a great and effective partnership between our agencies, and certainly between our state’s landowners and hunters and trappers.”

The Coyote Catalog will remain active through March 31, and then start up again next winter.

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