11 2015 »

Cool Temps….Hot Bite!

The temps are starting to cool down, but the fishing has remained steady.  Pulling a bottom bouncer and spinner still has seemed to be the best method for putting walleye in the boat. Focus on areas in 7-15 feet of water as well as deeper transition areas in the 20-25ft range. Tip your spinner rig with either a night crawler or a plastic such as Berkley Gulp! When pulling spinners some areas to key in on are flooded/sunken roads, old shorelines, and edges of sunken rock piles.

As the fish start to move into their fall patterns and start putting the feed bag on, look to start jigging the bridge and current areas. There are still plenty of fish being caught vertically jigging structure areas such as flood timber and sunken rock piles. Try tipping your jig with a night crawler or minnow.

Good luck to everyone fishing this weekend, it looks like the weather is supposed to hold up for a chance to get on the water and put a few walleye in the boat!

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