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Catching limits of walleyes sure beats the alternative…!

It has been a very interesting week weather wise.  Every other day the wind blows 30 to 40 mph.  This limits us as to where we can go and where we can get to.  We base our decisions on wind direction.  This will dictate not only where we can fish but also where we can safely launch our boats and the severity of wave action.  Although we cannot bounce around on these days and fish where we sometimes want to, we have been able to put together a very successful week of catching limits of walleyes.  The overall size is down but this is understandable considering the weather we have had to cope with.  Catching limits of walleyes sure beats the alternative – sitting in the cabin wondering if the fish are biting somewhere.  The bottom line is that our guests come from a long ways away to fish with us and they deserve our best effort no matter what mother gives us.  Thunder and lightning are another story however.

We have still been catching most of our fish slip bobbering weedlines in 6 to 11 feet of water.  It is important to set some bobbers shallow and some deeper and find the magic depth the fish are at.  Every spot we anchor over, we have to find the “hot” zones.  It seems like the walleyes are traveling the same pathways and once you find the zone the bobbers sink pretty rapidly.

We are still catching some northerns and white bass as well but with all the wind, our time spent casting was drastically reduced.

The forecast upcoming looks improved and hopefully mother nature will give us some better fishing conditions.

Good Luck Fishing and Be Safe on the Water Everyone!

Courtesy of Mitchells Guide Service & Woodland Resort

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