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Busy is an Understatement!

Busy is an understatement and you will see that from the pictures below. Guiding nearly everyday and a few tournaments mixed in have kept me from updating my reports.

The good thing is fishing is fantastic. Walleye can be caught right now anyway you want to catch them. Jigging and bobber fishing with jigs and leeches is working very well in depth of 12 to 28 feet of water. Smaller pieces of rocky structure are the best places to try these techniques. Ft Totten Bay and the Flats are the two places that seem to have the best structure for this.

If you want to troll spinners or crank baits, look for longer stretches of good hard bottom. Flooded roads in the flats and Pelican Lake are great spots for this as well as any other longer stretch of rocky or gravelly bottom. Depths from 12 to 30 feet are holding fish. It is different every day but it does not take long to find them. Weed edges are also holding fish in the 8 to 10 foot range. Hammered gold and silver spinners tipped with fire tiger or white gulp tails have been very good for me. #7 and #9 Flicker Shads in Perch, White, and Chrome colors are working well too.

The casting bite is not as strong as some year, but it is still there. Finding the right weeds is the toughest part. If you can find cabbage with no other “junk” weeds around it there will be walleye there. #6 Flicker Shads have been my best for casting to these edges. They cast well and dive quickly to the proper depth for the edge of most weed beds.

The best fishing of the year is just around the corner. As the days get shorter, the fishing is getting better. Once fall gets here, hold on tight.

Courtesy of Johnnie Candle

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