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Bottom bouncin’ spinner season is in full swing!

The bottom bouncin spinner season is in full swing on Devils Lake.  We are catching most of our fish in 9 to 13 feet of water along the weed lines on wind swept shorelines.  We are still catching fish of all sizes but when you use bottom bouncers it is easy to tell when you need the net!  We are also catching quite a few nice northern pike mixed in as well.  If you have never trolled with bottom bouncers and spinners this is the time to come.  It is such a great way to fish because we are constantly covering water and hunting for them.   It is so cool to feel the bite and the fish really don’t care if you are a first timer or a veteran angler.  Definitely fun for all ages too.

Most of our fish are coming on night crawlers but we did have one day that leeches worked a little better.

The trolling crank bait bite is also working.  Number 5 Salmo Hornets and number 5 jointed Rapalas have been the best.  Best advice we can give you is too use steel leaders because there are some big northerns mixed in with the walleyes.  Again we have had success trolling cranks on wind swept shorelines in 9 to 13 feet of water.

We do still have some guides that are having success pitching crank baits and plastics in the shallow water and some of our guides are still catching fish slip bobbering the weed lines.  So there is something for everyone with all these methods and presentations that are working.

Hopefully the we are past the super hot humidity season!   Those were some hot days on the water this past week but it wasn’t as bad you would think.  We were lucky enough to have some wind with the hot temps and it is always about ten degrees cooler when you are on the water.

It is not too late to enjoy some of the best fishing Devils Lake has to offer and all of our methods are still working.  We are very busy but we always seem to find room to accommodate your party.  We would love to have you and now is the time!

Courtesy of Woodland Resort & Mitchell’s Guide Service

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