26 2012 »

Bobbers and leeches can be effective!

Fishing is slowly improving. We have had some warmer days which is making the shallow water bite more productive. We should be seeing more and more fish arriving daily in the shallows to feed and recuperate from the spawn. Water temps are in the upper 40’s and on some days the lower 50’s. The best shallow bite is really close. Seems like the mid 50’s on is usually fantastic fishing! Pitching cranks or jigs and plastics is a great way to cover water.
Also, live baiting with bobbers and leeches can be effective. Some fish are also being caught  near the bridges or anywhere you can find a bit of current.
The most important factor right now when you fishing the shallows is to find warm water. Really watch your temp gauge and if you can find even a degree warmer in a bay, you may just find your honey hole!!

Good luck to all! Remember this time of year is big fish time. take a picture and fish for the future!!

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