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Bobber Down

This last week has been a good one on Devils Lake. Water temps are slowly warming up and the bite is getting good. It seems that the best presentation this last week has still been slip bobbers. The 2 ways to rig up your slip bobber are either with a split shot and small hook or just a small jig head. Set your rig to sit off the bottom anywhere between 12-24”, leeches are king when it comes to slip bobbering. There are still fish being caught by casting with cranks and jigs. The key right now is to find those need weed growth areas where you can see reeds starting to stick up out of the water. When you find these areas pull up as close as you can get to the weed bed edge and throw out your bobbers. Focus in on the depth ranges from 4-10ft; it seems that most of the fish are still relatively shallow right now. If there is a breeze pick the choppy side of the shore to fish as this is where most of the baitfish should be stacked up in at and you will find the hungry walleyes right in there with them. Remember that in North Dakota you can use two fishing poles during the open water season, so make sure to try and increase your odds by throwing a bobber out and rigging up another rod for casting with a jig or crank. It could also be beneficial to have two bobbers out as well instead of a casting setup. The key is to not be afraid to try a few different things until you figure out what the fish are preferring.

Good luck to the anglers fishing the Spirit Lake Marina Walleye Classic this weekend and also good luck to everyone else that will be out on the water this weekend. Don’t forget to share your photos from out on the lake with us on our Visit Devils Lake, North Dakota Facebook Page and also use #devilslakend in any of your social media posts!


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