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Boat Ramps Open On Devils Lake

May 20, 2011


Boat Ramps Open on Devils Lake

By: Suzie Baisch, Executive Director, Convention & Visitors Bureau

As of Friday, May 20, 2011, access onto Devils Lake became a little easier. Three public boat landings are open for use on Devils Lake. Lakewood Boat Landing, located on Creel Bay, is open with the docks placed. The original ramp is not usable at this time, and a new ramp was placed to the north of the old one in Lakewood Park. The fish cleaning station should be operational by this weekend.

The Six Mile Bay Boat Landing is up and running with one lane, and docks placed. Crews are currently working on the second lane. The fish cleaning station is temporarily down at this location until a sewer line can be fixed.

A new landing has been placed on Pelican Lake, north of Highway 19. This is the first time a boat ramp has been placed in this area of the lake and will make it easier for anglers to fish in this location. Currently it is a temporary landing. Crews will start on the permanent ramp and should be complete this fall. According to Suzie Baisch, the tourism director for Devils Lake, “Bridges have been a struggle this year, and due to the rising waters, may be an issue for the next couple of years. We are hoping that by placing new ramps in different locations around the lake, you can still fish your favorite fishing hole, or find a new one, on any section of Devils Lake you want. You may not be able to go from one end of the lake to another by boat on a windy day, but even in fishing the main bay, you still have over 100,000 acres to fish.”

Eastbay Boat Landing, located off Highway 20 should be open by the middle of June.

Also available for access onto Devils Lake is Graham’s Island State Park, located off of Highway 19. The day pass for the state park is $5, or you can purchase a yearly pass for $25. Graham’s Island is open on a day-by-day basis this year due to high water conditions. Construction on the road into the park should begin sometime in August.

Spirit Lake Casino, Woodland Resort and Eastbay Campground all have boat ramps available for day use. They are either available for free or for a minimal fee.

Coming soon will be a boat landing in Black Tiger Bay, located in the south-east corner of the lake.

“Our lake is one of our region’s largest contributions to our economy,” Baisch said. “Lake access is vital to our economy and bringing visitors to our area. I am happy to report our boat landings are opening up, and fishermen can now have access to the lake. The rising waters of the lake have been a struggle for all of us. We have had to change our perspective, and the way we do things, but we are open for business, and the fishing is phenomenal.”

For more information, log onto www.devilslakend.com or call the Devils Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1-800-233-8048 for more information.

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