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Bite remains solid!

The bite remains solid! There are lots and lots of up and comer walleyes being caught. Seems like some days the you have to work a bit to find the keeper walleyes and other days they are all over. We are in the summer mode of fishing weed beds.  Most of our fish are being caught in that 8-14 feet of water. Weeds are the key and work the edges or pockets until you find active fish. Also, some days we are catching more fish on the calm side of the lake. The book says that you should always fish the wind, but some days the calmer water has been better for us. Bottom bouncers and spinners are a great way to cover water and find those active pockets. We still are pitching jigs and plastics and slip bobbering as well. Pike and bass are mixed in with the walleyes and some of the bass have been flat out huge!!
Good luck to all!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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