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Best bite is early and late for eyes and the perch have been good all day.

The bite has been good at Devils Lake!

Seems the best action is in that 10-12 ft of water for walleyes and perch. We have been fishing East Bay (from Black Tiger to East Devils Lake) and it seems like everywhere we are going we are finding fish. Some of the perch are huge and most of the walleyes are in that 13-16 inch range. We have had some big eyes as well with one of them reaching 30 inches. Best bite is early and late for eyes and the perch have been good all day. Not everyday has been hot for perch but there have been many good days for them. We have fished out as deep as 25 ft with some good success for eyes and perch as well. As far as the pike fishing goes we have had some mixed in with the eyes an perch. We have also went in shallower for them with some luck. We have found some clearer water and had some success sight fishing pike. There are still some areas that need to be fished and if we can get clear water it should be game on for sight fishing pike!

As far as the ice goes it is pretty good. Most areas are 8-12 inches thick. There are some places that we have not been to that I would say might have questionable ice. There were geese keeping some water open about a week ago so I WOULD NOT venture on that ice just yet (the area is east of Coxes flat on East Devils Lake.)

As far as presentation goes I’m not sure if it really matters. I think it is hard to beat a buckshot with a minnow head for eyes and the perch have been smacking them as well. Seems like you pound it off the bottom 4-5 times and bring it up a foot or two and they come up and hammer it. Fish with whatever lure you have the most confidence in! Some days more subtle is good and other days it is all about being aggressive, of late, aggressive is the key!

Good luck to all and have a Merry Christmas!!

 Pulled from Lake-Link.

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service.

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