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Been catching most of our fish on…

Well mother nature kind of showed us who’s boss the past ten days.  High winds, rain, and frigid temperatures took away a lot of desire to go fishing lately.  We were able to sneak out on 2 of the nice days we had and we did catch some dandy fish.  The walleye fishing was by no means on fire but the size was incredible.  When you are catching only 1,2, or 3 an hour that sounds slow but when you see the size of them it definitely encourages your patience to kick in.

 We have been catching most of our fish on slip bobbers.  We are just anchoring along shorelines in 8 feet of water and casting our bobbers into the shallows.  Plain hook and a leech have been the best.  We also did catch some fish casting mimic minnows with the paddle tails on a slow to medium retrieve.  The fish have been scattered.  It seems like nothing, nothing, nothing and then boom! You catch 2.

 The forecast the rest of this weeks into next looks very much improved.  Mostly highs of 50s to 60s with light winds.  Next Monday it is supposed to get up to 73 degrees!  Now that sounds a little more like it!  This should really warm up the shallows and give us some excellent fishing.  We do have room if you want to get an early trip in, we would be happy to take you!

 Good Luck Fishing Everybody!

Courtesy of Woodland Resort & Mitchell’s Guide Service.


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