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August is Here and the Walleyes are Active

This past week on Devils Lake has been another good one! Many people have been finding a good number of walleyes. We have had stable weather with very little wind which has made for some great fishing.

The trolling bite in 15-25 feet of water is still working very well. Bottom bouncers and spinners are working great to find these fish in that depth. Try using a 1.5oz or 2oz bottom bouncer with a spinner attached to that. As far as colors go it can vary by day, but red & white, gold and silver are always a go to on Devils Lake.  Tip the spinner with either a night crawler or some type of Berkley Gulp! The key to trolling is to stay in that 1-1.5mph range and when you get a bite, mark that spot and turn right back over it. A quick tip to try is when tying your own spinners, is to use 20 pound Fluorocarbon line which helps with break offs with the infamous snags on Devils Lake and also putting a quick swap clevis on so you can change your blade color very quickly.

Deep water structure is starting to produce fish now as well. These fish can be a little tougher to get to but there are 3 main tactics that are used to target deep water structure fish. #1: Pulling Lead core-using lead core with crankbaits on is a great wait to cover deep water when trying to find active fish.  #2: Rip-Jigging: Using Rapala Jigging Raps and Johnson Johnny Darter’s are good ways to target fish holding in the deep water near structure. #3: Slip Bobbers: Slips bobbers can be another great way to catch fish on a sunken rock pile in deep water. The only downfall to jigging and slip bobbering these areas in the middle of the lake is that you need a fairly calm day to stay on top of the spot where pulling lead core you can cover it more effectively on a windy day.

The most recent creel survey from the ND Game & Fish just came out and can be found here.

As far as particular locations to fish right now, focus on structure: any sunken structure like rock piles, road ditches, rip-rap, areas where you see a “hump” or sharp change in the bottom. Most of the lake holds fish at this time of the year, it’s just a matter of getting them to bite!

Good luck to everyone heading out fishing this weekend and don’t forget to share pictures of your Devils Lake adventures on our Visit Devils Lake, North Dakota Facebook page.

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