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August is Here and the Fishing is Good!

The fishing on Devils Lake has been nothing short of fun! The dog days of summer may be here now but the fishing has remained steady. Now is the time to get to Devils Lake; hotels, resorts, and guides have more openings this time of the year to accommodate you and your group.

If you are tackling Devils Lake on your own right now bring spinners and jigs. The spinner bite has been steady for the last month. As the water temperatures keep rising, look to focus on 14-25 feet of water for pulling your spinners. It seems like crawlers and plastics (like Berkley Gulp!) have been working great. If you are finding fish but can’t get them to bite, don’t be afraid to try other color combinations to see what they are wanting as it can vary day-to-day. Walleyes are also being caught on jigs and bobbers on the structure spots like rock humps and sunken road ditches. Trolling cranks has also been producing fish as well.

Areas to focus on are any spots with good structure like rock piles and sunken roads. Also look for areas where the depth drops from 20-28ft as that is the old lake shore and this usually holds fish this time of the year when the water is warm.  The best tactic to use now is keep moving until you find the fish.

Good luck to everyone venturing out fishing this week and don’t forget to share your catch on our Visit, Devils Lake Facebook page.

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