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August going down as one of the best months!

And the bite goes on…How do you like to catch your walleyes? Jigs, bobbers, live bait, or trolling are all producing lots and lots of fish. So you can fish whatever way you prefer and life should be good. August is going down as one of our best months we have had in years. Fish seem to be everywhere and they all have feeding on their minds. Same depths are going (12-25 feet of water), we are still close to deeper water (that 30 plus stuff), and we are moving around until we find the active school. We are working large weed beds, points, rock piles, and flooded roads. We still catching a lot of smaller fish, but always seem to find those nicer fish as well. The white bass have been a bit spotty, but when you find them they are running huge. They are usually in the shallow water (2-10 ft.) and the key is to cover water until you locate them. We usually catch a few pike mixed in with the walleyes everyday, most of the pike are in the 3-8 pound range. Summer has certainly went by quickly andI know this a busy time of year with school starting back up and many of the farmers beginning the fall harvest. But if you can get away from all the hustle and bustle of life, it will be well worth the fishing you will experience on Devils Lake. We are anticipating a fantastic fall bite as well, so you still have time to book that trip of a lifetime. Good luck to all!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guiding Service

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