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April 16th

Hello fellow anglers. Greetings again from Devils Lake!!!!!! I am happy to announce the ice is going fast and about 75% is open. Areas like 6 mile bay, mauve coulee, Pelican lake, Lake Irvin and Dry Lake are ice free!!!!! Time to be thinking about booking that trip with us. My first trip is May 18th. The phone has started to ring and this year should be just as good as last. The lake level has dropped 2-3 ft from last fall and will continue to drop unless we get some well needed rain.

The spawn for the walleye and pike should start once the water temps reach 47-52 degrees. Once that happens and they spawn out they will be in the shallow water 1-5ft where it is warm for a bit. The best way to go after post spawn walleyes is pitching shallow cranks, mimic minnows or jigs with live bait or plastics. I may try to get out in the next few days to give the boat a spin and check the lake for newly created obsticals to stay away from. If you get a chance to go fishing while the fish are spawning, please catch, photo and release. This will help preserve the fishery and allow our future anglers to enjoy it too!!!

Till Next Time…. Tight Lines John

Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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