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Another Fantastic Week

Yes, it has been yet another fantastic week on Devils lake. The old reliable bottom bouncer and spinner tipped with a crawler, leech, or Gulp has been the ticket. Continue to try and target the wind blown shores with sharp weed lines. Salmo hornets trolled 110 feet back in 12 feet of water has been another walleye producer.  If you are using a braided line for trolling you will need to set out a little more line than lead core line. We like to set our lures at 100 feet back in 8 to 10 foot of water and 110 to 120 in 12 to 14 foot of water. That should get you started on the right track, and remember to stagger a rod or two back a little more to find the sweet spot. 2.3 to 2.8  mph has been the speed that has worked well, we  like to use  12 lb Berkley Fireline for this. The past 7 days our clients have caught some real monsters, with one of them being 29 inches! There also have been a lot in the 23 to 28 inch range as well.  That will do it for this week, good luck to all and remember if you would like to go out with us for an unbelievable experience give us a ring at the numbers below.

Courtesy of: Mitchell’s Guide service 701-662-6560 http://fishdevilslake.net/

Woodland Resort 701-662-5996 www.woodlandresort.com


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