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Another fantastic week of fishing!

We have had a gorgeous week of weather and the walleye fishing has been awesome.  It’s all about the weeds lately.   We have been either trolling slowly along weedbeds or slip bobbering along them with leeches. Both methods have been very effective.  The walleyes have been running anywhere from 15 to 22 inches and there are some smaller ones that we throw back along with them. 

The northern pike fishing has slowed up quite a bit.   We have been catching an occasional northern with the walleyes but honestly we have not really been fishing for them.  The weeds have taken over the shallows and this has pretty much ended our pitching crankbaits.  When the weeds are poking through the waters surface in 10 feet of water, not many fishermen have the patience for reeling in weeds cast after cast.

The white bass fishing has been very good as well when we have targeted them.

Courtesy of Woodland Resort

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