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Anglers Continue to Report Excellent Fishing

Devils Lake anglers continue to report excellent fishing in most all parts of the lake and about any way you want to fish.  While a lot of anglers continue to work the edges of weed beds in 8-12 feet of water with bottom bouncers and spinners, pitching or trolling cranks, or slip bobbering, local guide Mark Bry of Bry’s Guide Service says he’s been finding nice numbers of eating sized fish with some larger fish mixed in out in the deeper waters as well.  Mark and his guides have been working deeper rocky points and humps around the lake anywhere from 18 on out to 30+ feet of water.  In these areas Mark likes using bottom bouncers with brighter spinners in orange or chartreuse.  He’s working them a little slower (.8-1mph) than many anglers and has also had good luck with slow death style setups.  Once Mark finds fish he’ll often try jigging or slip bobbers as well.  And similar to last year, Mark and other anglers are also reporting some nice Devils Lake perch mixed in with the walleyes.  Living on the east end of Devils Lake, Mark’s been working mainly the East Bay, Black Tiger, and East Devils Lake section of the lake but they also go west some and are finding similar patterns to work there.  Some of the better areas for boating anglers continue to be Pelican Lake, the north shore and sunken 281 areas of the Flats, Howards Bay, Doc Hagens, the north end of Six Mile Bay, the Ft. Totten area, Concrete Bay near the casino, the storm sewer area, Penny and New Penny Bays, the south end of Black Tiger Bay, and East Devils Lake.  In these areas look for the outer edges of defined weed beds or work those deeper rocky points Mark mentioned.

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service: http://www.brysguideservice.com/


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