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And the bite goes on!

And the bite goes on! Walleyes seem to be a bit deeper with the most common depths between 12-24 feet. Good areas to work include weedlines, rock piles, drop-offs, flooded roads, and flooded timber. Fish can truly be anywhere this time of year and it seems like we are catching a lot of those 14-18 inch fish with the occasional 20 inch plus fish. All presentations are catching fish: vertical jigging and bobbers, trolling cranks, pulling bouncers and spinners and pitching jigs and plastics. Worms and leeches have been the best baits. It seems like if you pinch off some of the worm, you get more bites. White bass remain active in the shallower bays. All presentations will work for them. Northerns continue to be a bit scattered; however, there are days when they show up when we are fishing for walleyes. Good luck and enjoy the great fishing and beautiful weather!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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