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A little wind blowing into shorelines seems to trigger better action

A little warmer weather and things really start picking up on Devils Lake. Water conditions have been playing a big role for boaters. Later in the day when the water warms up, so does fishing. Also, a little wind blowing into shorelines also seems to trigger better action. Most anglers are pitching cranks such as shad raps and countdowns and plastic into shallow windswept shorelines or are slip bobbering along weed edges or in the trees. Those finding the warmest water are also finding a little better fishing. The better areas continue to be Pelican Lake, the Mauvee area, Howards Bay, Doc Hagens, the north end of Six Mile, Knutson’s Bay and the Ft. Totten area, New Mil Bay, Mission Bay, Penny Bay, and Skadsens Bay. Pike and white bass continue to be caught along with walleyes in these areas and also in East Devils Lake.

Shorefisherman are reporting some excellent fishing at the Mauvee, Six Mile, Hwy 20, and Woods Rutten bridges in the evening hours. The rip rap along the north end of Creel Bay and the Hwy 281/19 area have been picking up as well. In these areas anglers are pitching cranks, jigs, or using slip bobbers or lindy rigs tipped with leeches. Anglers in these areas are reporting the better fishing being on the windy sides. For white bass, anglers are finding fish in most areas of the lake. Some of the better areas have been Channel A, Hwy 281, the Brinsmade Bridge, and County #4. Each day one area seems better than the other and those moving around have been having the best luck. Good Luck & Good Fishing!!!

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