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Well, we dodged a huge bullet yesterday!!!  The big blizzard went south of us.  Not one inch of snow here on Devils Lake and after hearing some of the amounts of snow that fell in some areas that would have made travel on Devils Lake very difficult.  So we are still able to drive our trucks pretty much everywhere, we do get stuck sometimes but it is mostly due to all the clouds and foggy weather we have had the last three weeks.

There is no secret that the fishing has been slower than normal for us in the perch department the last three weeks but we haven’t had exactly “perch” type weather either.  It sure would be nice to see the sunshine for a couple of days in a row!  We are marking all kinds of fish but the perch have developed some lock-jaw on certain days.  The walleye fishing has still been decent on flooded roadbeds, humps, and timber shorelines.  We are doing the best on Northland Buckshot rattle spoons tipped with either minnow heads or wax worms.

On the bright side of things the forecast looks pretty decent coming up.  Hopefully it will stabilize and get some of this high barametric pressure out of here.  We have had some pretty decent catches on both walleyes and perch but don’t have table full of limits to show you.

Have a great week and good luck fishing everybody!!!

Courtesy of Perch Patrol Guide Service.

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