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1st Report of the Year from Perch Patrol!

Monday, November 24 2014

Well, we’re back!  As I sit down write the first Perch Patrol Fishing Report of the new season, I am delighted to announce that all of Devils Lake is froze over.  Yes folks we have ICE!  As usual the shallow parts of the Devils Lake system, mainly on the west side, froze about 10 days to 2 weeks before the main lake.  So our ice conditions are going to vary quite a bit for a while.  We have not been fishing yet but some people that have been out have been reporting 6 to 7 inches on the west parts and about 2 inches in Creel Bay and on the main lake.  As always if you are planning to venture out use extreme caution and fish with a buddy.

We are very much ahead of schedule than most years in both the ice making and in our reservations.  It is no secret that last season was the most successful in the history of the Perch Patrol’s 19 years of business and the reservations that are already in our books has never been higher at this point before our season begins.   Not only are the people that fished with us last year returning but so are the folks that we had to turn away last season because we were already full when they tried to schedule a trip.

We have added some new and exciting features to our web site www.perchpatrol.com  First of all, there is no more train packages.  I feel we have more than covered that on the reasons why.  But we did rebuild these packages to make them more suitable for our drive in guests.  As always we have 3 different package options out of Woodland Resort which has been home to the Perch Patrol since our beginning.  Woodland is also going through some exciting changes that we are looking forward to in the near future.  More on those later…  We also have 3 different package options with Devils Lake’s newest hotel in town, the Sleep Inn and Suites.  We are also very excited about some of the great amenities they have to offer our guests that choose to lodge with them.  For more information about all of these great packages please visit our New Packages page on our web site www.perchpatrol.com

About 1 week ago, we added a new feature to our web site called Availability Calander.  This has been a home run with our visitors so far.  By clicking on the Availability Calander, you can see exactly what the Perch Patrol schedule is like for each month of our operation.  Just select what month you would like to view and monthly calander will appear.  On each day it will tell you exactly how many spots are available.  A spot is considered a person.  If it says no availability that means the Perch Patrol is sold out for that day.  This makes our lives a lot easier as now most people that call already know what is available and what is not.

Currently all of our guides are spending quite a bit of their day getting ready.  We are busy assembling our new Clam Thermal fish houses, rigging our trucks, respooling rods and reels, making shelves that will protect our new Vexilar FLX-28’s and 22’s from flying around, tuning up snowmobiles and Atv’s, the list goes on and on.  We are also getting our new brochures ready for upcoming sport shows in St. Paul, Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

So, although we are not fishing quite yet, we will be soon.  Our first guests arrive on December 11th and we have lots to prepare before the “show” begins.  If you are at all serious about fishing with the Perch Patrol this winter, you need to get aggressive about it and give us a call.  The month of December and January are already nearly full but we still have plenty of room in February and March.

Thats all for now, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving and please be safe on the ice!


Courtesy of Perch Patrol

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