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Dear Tournament Anglers,

It won’t be long now before you will be competing in the 41st Annual Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce Walleye Tournament.  There are many changes this year that we are very excited for.  Please be sure to read your rules carefully to be sure you are aware of them.

There is one change however that is not mentioned in the rules.  A few issues have come about from some of the early tournaments here on Devils Lake.  We at the Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce want to keep moving our tournament in the right direction keeping it a true community event.  For this reason we are adding boundaries to the tournament waters this year.

For 2017 there will be no fishing permitted north of Highway 2 or west of Highway 281 by tournament anglers during tournament hours.  There are legal ramifications behind this decision.  Channel A is very narrow with a new handicapped accessible shore fishing pier part way up the channel.  When tournament anglers get excited to get to their fishing spots, courtesy toward those anglers and rules for driving in narrow channels my get lost in the excitement.  The access point to the water west of old highway 281 has been cordoned off by Benson County officials thus legally keeping anglers and boaters from entering that water legally.  For these two reasons, the tournament committee has decided to place the boundaries on this year’s event.

We are giving everyone fair notice now so you can plan your pre-fishing accordingly.

Thank you for participating in the 41st Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce Walleye Tournament.  We are glad to have you and wish you good luck.  See you in a few weeks.


Johnnie Candle
Tournament Director

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