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Ice Report!

Getting closer to being full throttle open for the ice fishing season.  Devils Lake continues to grow good ice.  As of Sunday the ice reports that our crew drilled and measured are as follows:  Creel bay in front of resort 6-7 inches, Retreat center on west Creel bay 6-7 inches, Wolford’s bay, 7 inches, Main bay has a lot of jagged ice and is not fit to travel on,  North Six mile 8-10″.  We have our first house rentals on Friday and our first guided crews on Thursday.  our light houses will be deployed on wed. and thur.

Fishing reports so far are really good.  Creel has been good for smaller but decent walleyes and some perch.  N. Six mile bay has been really good for pike and walleye.  Also some perch from the basin in Six mile bay.   Lake Irvine anglers are reporting up to 15″ of ice and anglers are driving trucks.  Walleye fishing has been outstanding and good pike numbers on Irving.

Reports will continue to improve as we gain ice and anglers.  Ice thickness vary and anglers should use extreme caution.

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!

Courtesy of Woodland Resort Mitchell’s Guide Service.

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