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We have had some very good days since our last report and a few tough days in between.  We survived our first blizzard of the season and we ended up fishing right through it, although our days were shortened a bit.  We were supposed to get 12 to 16 inches of snow, which would have been a major bummer, but we lucked out and only got about 6 inches.  We are still able to drive our trucks with ease for the most part.  You can get stuck if you try to.  We had a lot of wind with the blizzard and it did make some drifts.

The perch fishing right now is either boom or bust.  The days we do well, we wind up doing really well and the days we don’t we stink up the joint.  Thank God for very consistent walleye fishing on those days.  All in all, we seem to be able to make something happen every day which is definitely a product of some pretty good team work going on.

Our best perch fishing is happening in anywhere from 20 to 44 feet of water.  Still having the best luck on Buckshot rattle spoons and forage minnows tipped with minnow heads or maggots.  The walleye fishing has been incredible!  Some of the best catches have been on humps, flooded points, or any type of structure.  Both the sunrise bite and the before dark bites have been on fire, and there are days when the middle of the day has produced as well.

Our reservations are through the roof!  We have a lot of sold out dates but we still have some room available.  The best advise we can give you is to call us with some dates in mind and we just have to go through the book and see if we can find some dates that will work.

Have a great week everybody!

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